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A Reason To Truly Laugh Out Load(LOL)

Life is difficult right now. There are tons of reasons to be sad, angry, uptight, depress, afraid, worried, scared, isolated etc...the list goes on.

However, you and I are going to have to choose how we are going to ride out this tumultuous storm that took over 2020. There are four months left in this year. We don’t know what 2021 will bring, but I find hope and assurance in the FACT that Jesus is already there. Where Jesus is, there is Hope. Where Jesus is, there is an anchor, where Jesus is there is peace. Please embrace these truths today.

But back to 2020. Today decide how you are going ride out this ever-changing storm for the next four months. I encourage you to find hope in the one that never sleeps or slumbers. Find peace in HIS promise to “Never Leave Us Or Forsake Us.” Take confidence in the fact that you are still standing after all that has happened so far.

What I am saying is, You may not have chosen or invited the universal winds & waves of 2020 or whatever personal storm you are facing right now. But you can surely CHOOSE how you are going to manage, navigate, and ride out the rest of the winds, waves, and thunderstorms of 2020.

Today, I encourage you to choose to see the blessings that have come into your life in 2020. Trust me, not everything that happened in 2020 has been bad, yes I know it feels like it, yes there is an increase of the unfamiliar and the unknown, etc. But God has been blessing us during this season as well; Ain’t that the truth? Yes! It is in times like these that we must choose to be strong and take courage in the master of the storm.

We must CHOOSE to focus on light vs. darkness, good vs. evil, faith vs. fear, hope vs. despair, joy vs. sadness, peace vs. enmity... Do you get it? Do you really? Because you and I have a choice of how we are going to BE, we do have to choose our path.

Okay, loves, Keep your heads up, stay encouraged. We love you, and we are praying for you. Remember this GOD IS IN CONTROL.

Love You All,

-Waydia & SDA The TEAM

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_Our SDA Family

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