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Keep Smiling


"Life can be stormy. Hold your umbrella high and be patient. The skies will clear for you soon."

Let me say this right off the bat, the presence of my smile is not the absence of hurt, pain, struggle, hardships, grind, and grim; instead, it’s a daring and tenacious decision to keep smiling, hoping, fighting, enduring, building, getting up each time I am knocked down, and to keep on running my race despite my challenges.

Reel vs Real

So, my friends, as we curate our lives and post them on social media, please, please, please, don't despise yours thinking everyone else is winning except you. We all get in the trenches sometimes (we don't necessarily post those moments or seasons), but they are REAL and not often REEL-worthy.

Reel Life 

"Remain, optimistic, balanced, and confident in yourself; your change will come. Don't quit!

 Real Life

"Great things take time to accomplish, you are on the road to greatness. Stay steady, stay the course, and be patient."

So, head to my Instagram page @waydiaco to watch the REEL with some bloopers I have chosen to include to show you that REAL life is not always pretty smiles & perfect poses, and REEL ready. 

Like you, I go through the grueling process of takes and retakes, rookie editing & re-editing, irritating my family with the frequent emersion of my extroversion, striking a pose in the middle of the street, fearless, adventurous, and never met a stranger side of my personality.   

 SN: I say emersion because I’m not always like that; I treasure peace, quiet, calm, reflection, meditation, serenity, stillness, and alone time.   

 However, I fully embrace the fun-loving, adventurous, crazy side of my personality; it keeps me balanced, searching, discovering, learning, growing, daring, and happy within.  

So, if you meet me in person and I am not turned up, that’s 100% me, and if I am turned up, that's 100% me too. I love and embrace how God created me.

The Heart Of the Matter

In sum, life is not easy or perfect for anyone. We must be grateful for each day, make the best of each day, and trust Jesus to see us through in good and bad times. Be intentional and determined not to get crushed by the hustle and bustle. If we fail, falter, or fall, choose to get back up by his grace & mercy.   

We must use the hard times as lessons and tools to strengthen and develop our character and resolve. Allow God to get the glory out of our lives. When we walk away scarred but intact from things and situations that should have destroyed us or our faith in Him, He gets the glory, we grow, and our FAITH deepens. So run on, my friends, because we are all hoping to hear those coveted words at the end of life’s journey; “Well done, thou good & faithful servant.”    

In the meantime, remember to stop and enjoy some of the beauty and beautiful moments life brings your way. Cherish the ones you love and the ones who love you.  

 Peace & Blessings     

Thank you For Reading

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