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Occupy Until He Comes

What is your “Superpower?"

“And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come.” Luke 19:13

Whatever gifting, talent, uniqueness, skill set, or aptitude God has given you; surrender it to Him and allow Him to enable you to use it to impact and change the world. It may need some dusting off, decluttering, sharpening, or tune-up. Whatever you need to do to activate it, do it.

I have heard many people say they don't have any gifts or talents because they don't sing or play an instrument or it doesn't have a front stage impact; that is furthest from the truth; gifting and callings are not limited to music, the arts, or lights, and glitter. Some of the kindest and most impactful people will remain nameless in this life but will be significantly rewarded in heaven. That's the goal, my friends.

So, think about that thing that keeps you up at night or is on your mind first thing in the morning when you wake up.

  • Is it arts and science?
  • Is it medicine?
  • Is it law?
  • Is it design?
  • Is it Entrepreneurship?
  • Is it altruism?
  • Is it philanthropy?
  • Is it charity work?
  • Is it an invention that would change the world?
  • Is it the ministry of encouragement?
  • Is it teaching, preaching, evangelizing, or missions?
  • Is it an idea to improve or change processes that would positively impact the lives of others? What is it?

What is it that burns within you? It's your "superpower" to give to the world. Perhaps, if you can't find it, you have buried it like the guy in this text, who thought his one talent was insignificant and didn't use it for any good; instead, he made excuses for why he didn't use it. So, if that's you, dig it up in prayer, and start using it to serve the world around you and glorify God.

It may be synonymous with your chosen career path or it may not be. Let's denounce the idea that we can only be good at one thing. Luke 19, shows us that God gave us talents according to our ability. So, the focus is not on how much talent we have but on what we do with the one or ones we have. 

Think outside the box and allow God to use your uniqueness, gifts, and talents to serve this generation. Be determined to leave a legacy of good works behind. Occupy until he comes.

Peace, Love, and Blessings


  • Great blog!! Keep up the inspiring writing.

    Carlos Hughes
  • Powerful words, words fill with weight, power and knowledge. God bless you heart sis


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