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Pandemic Graduation 2020

.We had so many plans for Sarah-Danielle 2020 HS Graduation. She had worked so hard on her HS career. Graduating top of her class with some of the highest distinctions in HS. We wanted to let her know that her hard work was seen, appreciated, and deserved to be celebrated.

But then came March 2020, two months before her graduation, and two months before our planned festivities, Mr. COVID surfaced. First, we didn't know what to make of it, but we adjusted our celebration & travel plans and stayed in synced with the CDC & governmental recommendations.

Five months later, to date, the world has witnessed over 17.6 million people infected and 679 thousand deaths. Here in the United States, 4.6 million people have been affected, and 156 thousand deaths to date and we are not out of the danger zone yet, Lord help us

Through all the disappointments, We had to acknowledge that life has changed as we knew it, life is unpredictable, and life must go on. So we made the best of the seasons and did what we could to commemorate her successful HS career.


However, yesterday is not coming back, and today is only here for twenty-four hours. Tomorrow is not promised. All we have is right now, the moment we are in. I implore you and myself to make the best of each moment we are given. Love the people who love you, love the people that do not love you, forgive those who did you wrong.

JUST BE! Be wise, be diligent, be disciplined, be brave, be courageous, be thankful, be grateful, be merciful, be kind, be sweet, be righteous, and be just.

Above all, secure your eternal rest in Jesus Christ, and please DO NOT forget to LIVE, LOVE, and LAUGH OUT LOUD. We love you all




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_Our SDA Family


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