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Happy 21st Birthday Sarah-Danielle


Sarah-Danielle We Had so much fun celebrating you yesterday. 

On this  21st Birthday. I want to remind you of the meaning of your name.

Sarah - Princess of God

Danielle- God is my Judge 

Michaela-Who is like God or who resembles God 

May you always walk in the knowledge that you are indeed a chosen princess of God, and that God is your judge, therefore you will continue to live a life pleasing to Him so when you meet Him as the righteous judge you will hear well done my good and faithful servant. Finally, may your life mirrors His love, so when the world looks on they will see Jesus Christ in and through you. A tall order, but you can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens you. 

We prayed for you, and when you came, you immediately change our world. You came the day before our 4th anniversary, and we had to adjust our anniversary plans and gave way to your entrance, and we have been adjusting ever since.

When I saw your beautiful face, joy immediately filled my laboring soul. I knew then that my life would never be the same, because now God has given me another reason to walk holy, righteous & upright. I no longer live to do or not to for me, but I must now live to be your first example of righteousness, holiness, separation from worldliness, faith, tenacity, success, strength, and weakness when necessary. See, mothering you my only daughter had become one of the great joys and blessings of my life. I am not perfect, I have made lots of mistakes on the way, but I always had your best interest at heart. 

When my life on earth has ended, I desire to leave you with houses and land, luxury and wealth, and great memories. But above all of that, the legacy I desire to leave you with the most is an unapologetic love for Jesus, a life surrendered to Jesus, I life lived for Jesus. A walk of holiness and righteousness, an unwavering love for Jesus, self, and humanity, and An unapologetic worshipper of Jesus Christ.
Because my dear daughter when it's all said and done only what we do for Jesus Christ and His kingdom will matter in the end. Please don't ever forget this truth. 
I know I'm not perfect and I have faltered and dropped the ball many times on this journey. But I hope through my weaknesses you can find your strength, see the love, grace, mercy, and strength of Jesus Christ who picked me up when I falter and when I'm weak, weary, and downtrodden. A Jesus Who forgives, strengthens, restores, and reconciles me to His divine love and purpose. I hope to have demonstrated a Christianity that is anchored in unconditional love, mercy, grace, forgiveness, kindness, patience, service, and selflessness. 
So on this 21st Birthday, I want to encourage you to reach for your dreams. Adjust and change if you must, but never quit. Plans will change, goals will change, people will change, and seasons will change, but your divine destiny will NEVER change; seek God to walk in that. 
Have lots of fun, and enjoy your “day ones” and your new friend girls. By the way, these are some real first-class young ladies in your friend group. So proud of you all. Thanks to each of you for celebrating my daughter's 21st birthday the way you did yesterday. You all made her glad. Thank you.
Sarah-Danielle, I love that you are balanced, routine, flexible, and spontaneous. Yesterday was an awesome combination of all those qualities.
Please continue to live a life surrendered to Jesus Christ. Walk worthy of the call and the anointing of God on your life, Be very intentional about who you let in your life. Study God’s Word and live by the principles of His Word. Pray always. Give more than you take. Always, give back. Always Pray. Show love, kindness, and compassion to the underserved, the underdog, and the misfits, and rejects of this world. 
However, always budget for fun laughter, rest, relaxation, leisure, socialization, times of meditation, reflection, renewing, and recharging, in your life.
My sweet daughter, life is not perfect, there will be many challenges, obstacles, and roadblocks on the journey. People can be cold, hateful, mean, rude, unforgiving, manipulative, self-serving, selfish, and weird. But with the help of God, you will navigate and overcome it all. Stay prayerful and vigilant. 
Remain sweet and strong, and don't allow the bad behaviors of others and the negativity of this world to corrupt you. Choose to live above it all. Stay true to yourself and your core values. Please practice and embrace self-love and self-care daily. 
I respect you. I admire you. I am motivated by your grit and tenacity. I'm encouraged by your love for Jesus. I'm strengthened by your commitment to excellence and your goals. You inspire me I love and adore you, my princess.
We are all so proud of you, Grandpa Hughes would be very proud of you as well. I'm sure he is looking down from heaven’s view happy and smiling. 
Happy Birthday Sarah-Danielle Michaela, 
Princess Of God 
God is Your Judge
Who Resembles God 

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